Thursday, 5 May 2016

Earth is dying

"The Earth does not belong to uswe belong to the Earth."

I think our planet is dying. The oceans and the air are polluted. People use our earth ruthlessly. A lot of animals in our ecosystem loose their health and functionality. Most species have already disappeared and many of them are dying. Due to our actions global climate is starting to change. Soon it would cause catastrophe. But I am glad that many people are worried about this. Yesterday studends published several stats in their blogs about that problem. 
In the past 35 years the human race has doubled its numbers to 7 billion, while the numbers of invertebrates (insects, worms) has dropped by 45%, an alarming decline that scientists say has a grave impact on the future of the planet. The study reported that over 320 species have disappeared over the last 500 years and vast numbers of larger animals such as orangutans and gibbons are disappearing from huge, protected areas of land.
Just let's imagine our future without forests and animals. What it will be like?
Wake up, humanity our planet is our treasure.

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